Global Science Journalism Survey 2019

Is science journalism losing its independence? And is the quest for independence any less crucial in other areas of science communication, besides journalism?

The online survey launched in June 2019 by the London School of Economics and the Center for Ethics in Science and Journalism to coincide with the 11th WCSJ2019 World Conference of Science Journalists taking place in July in Lausanne, Switzerland, is willing to explore this and other hot topics relevant for science journalism and communication.

The Global Science Journalism Survey 2019 is based on two previous surveys – the “Global Science Journalism Report” and “Know Thyself Science Journalist” – that collected answers from several hundreds of professionals in several rounds, starting with the participants of the World Conference of Science Journalists 2009 in London.

The online questionnaire explores several areas, from basic demographics to the degree of specialization, from the description of the daily work to the education and lifelong learning, and includes a few questions on the use of social media.

If you are a science journalist or a science communicator, you are invited to dedicate a few minutes (5 to 10) of your time to fill in the questionnaire: the final results will be publicly available.